Military Benefits in Family Law Cases

military benefits in family law

When one spouse is in the military, a divorce case isn’t as straightforward as those for civilians might be. There are benefits available to military members that must be considered as part of any family law case. Medical Benefits Program The medical benefits program available to active-duty service members, retirees, and family members is called TRICARE. After a divorce, […]

What You Should Know About Child Support in Texas

Child Support in Texas

Four types of child support are available in Texas, any of which can be sought in court and can be brought separately or at the same time.  The four types of child support available in Texas are current child support, medical child support, retroactive child support, and temporary child support. A further break down of […]

Entering Into A Common-Law Marriage

Last week we discussed what a common-law marriage entails, but how do you enter into one? If You Would Like To Enter A Common-Law Marriage You Must Be: over 18; marrying someone of the opposite sex; not related to your future spouse; not currently married. More Requirements When Entering A Common-Law Marriage Nobody under the […]

What Is Common-Law Marriage?

In Texas, common-law marriage, or informal marriage, is where a man and woman become husband and wife without getting a marriage license or having a religious ceremony.  This form of marriage confers all the same rights we recognize in a formal or traditional marriage. Before its independence, Texas laws were based on Spanish and European […]

Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

Picking up and starting over after the loss of decades worth of plans is the most crushing aspect of divorce after age 50.  Change that touches every aspect of your life can be emotionally devastating.  It is natural to grieve. You have, after all, spent half a lifetime together, if not more.  But put conscious […]

Experts In A High Asset Divorce

What types of experts could be called in to help with a high asset divorce? A high asset divorce can be among the most complex family law matters, so it is important that knowledgeable and qualified experts are consulted to protect your assets, interests, and rights. Forensic accountants, professional appraisers, financial and wealth managers, tax […]

Divorce & Social Security

Many people going through a “gray” divorce may qualify for benefits based on their spouse’s earning history.