Children Of Divorce Need Both Parents

Divorce is painful, no matter the circumstance. Sometimes a divorcing parent does not know how to deal with their hurt and anger, so they lash out at their soon-to-be ex. When parents lash out, it is often through their kids. This is central to the plot of our next recommended family law movie.

All About Same-Sex Adoption

There is a core belief that adoption truly reinforces: Family is far more than biology – family is love.

The In’s and Out’s of Mediation

What to Expect During the Mediation Process of a Divorce What is Mediation? Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method where a neutral third party,

Custody, Christmas, and Covid-19

How does Covid-19 affect custody orders during the holiday season? By: Mariana Posadas Today, there are more active cases of COVID-19 in Texas than when

The 5 C’s of Co-Parenting

How to Navigate Co-Parenting After Divorce By: Brianna French There are few issues as complicated as divorce. The process of legally separating from someone whom