The Ever Argue With A Woman Podcast

Heather Tessmer is spilling all of her secrets! Relationship red flags, surviving marriage as a divorce attorney, and how to navigate the family law field. Stream now on all listening platforms.


Showcasing 1 Project

Episode 1

After 21+ years in the legal industry, Heather Tessmer, owner of Tessmer Law Firm, outlines her new podcast series. 

The Ever Argue With A Woman Podcast explores the red flags of potential partners, simplifies the Texas Family Code, and revisits war stories of growing a business as a mother, wife, and full-time attorney.

Episode 2

Divorce Attorney, Heather Tessmer, discusses how to find your perfect spouse! Heather touches on good characteristics in a mate, maintaining a healthy sex life, long-distance relationships, and so much more! 

In this episode, you will hear the love story of Heather and Kevin, a match made in heaven! So… how did this divorce attorney and military hunk fall in love? Listen now!

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