What Is Common-Law Marriage?

In Texas, common-law marriage, or informal marriage, is where a man and woman become husband and wife without getting a marriage license or having a religious ceremony.  This form of marriage confers all the same rights we recognize in a formal or traditional marriage. Before its independence, Texas laws were based on Spanish and European […]

What is a business valuation?

Simply put, a business valuation is the process of determining how much a business is worth. This is necessary in the event of a divorce – high net worth or otherwise – because if the business is community property, it must be sold and divided equitably or one spouse must buy out the other’s share. […]

Someone I Know Is Being Abused

“I think someone I know is being abused.” What has changed? They make excuses for injuries Their personality has changed. They used to be so confident, now they have such low self-esteem They have become reserved and distant They are constantly checking in with their partner They never really have access to money, or money […]

Domestic Violence: Types Of Abuse

More than just physical. Domestic abuse is more than just physical. There can be psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse (yes, you can be sexually abused and even raped by your significant other), financial abuse, and emotional abuse. Am I being abused? Am I being sexually abused? Rape, attempted rape or sexual assault Inappropriate touching […]

Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

Picking up and starting over after the loss of decades worth of plans is the most crushing aspect of divorce after age 50.  Change that touches every aspect of your life can be emotionally devastating.  It is natural to grieve. You have, after all, spent half a lifetime together, if not more.  But put conscious […]

Experts In A High Asset Divorce

What types of experts could be called in to help with a high asset divorce? A high asset divorce can be among the most complex family law matters, so it is important that knowledgeable and qualified experts are consulted to protect your assets, interests, and rights. Forensic accountants, professional appraisers, financial and wealth managers, tax […]

Estate Planning Before, During and After a “Gray” Divorce

Before your divorce, you may have insurance policies, a Will or Power of Attorney that benefit the other spouse, or that names the other spouse as an executor. Before filing for divorce, you may want to make changes. Sometimes changes are prohibited after a divorce is filed, so check with your attorney. You may not […]