Domestic Violence: Types Of Abuse


More than just physical.

Domestic abuse is more than just physical. There can be psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse (yes, you can be sexually abused and even raped by your significant other), financial abuse, and emotional abuse.

Am I being abused?

Am I being sexually abused?

  • Rape, attempted rape or sexual assault
  • Inappropriate touching anywhere
  • Masturbation of either or both parties without consent
  • Sexual penetration or attempted penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth without consent
  • Any sexual activity that the person lacks the capacity to consent to
  • Inappropriate looking, sexual teasing or suggestive commentary, or sexual harassment
  • Sexual photography or forced use of pornography or witnessing of sexual acts
  • Indecent exposure

Am I being psychologically or emotionally abused?

  • They force social isolation
    • They prevent you from accessing services, educational and social opportunities or seeing friends
  • They remove mobility or communication aids
  • They intentionally leave you unattended when you need help
  • They prevent you from meeting your religious or cultural needs
  • They prevent your from expressing your opinion
  • They fail to respect your privacy
  • They prevent your from mental stimulation, such as engaging in meaningful occupation or activities
  • They use tactics of intimidation, coercion, harassment, threats, humiliation, bullying, as well as swearing or verbal abuse
  • They address you in a patronizing or infantilizing way
  • They threaten harm or abandonment
  • They cyber bully you via text or social media

Am I being financially or materially abused?

  • They steal your money or possessions
  • They prevent you from accessing your own money, benefits or assets
  • They arrange for less care than is needed to save money to maximize inheritance
  • They deny assistance to manage/monitor financial affairs
  • They deny assistance to access benefits
  • They misuse personal allowance in a care home
  • They misuse benefits or direct payments in a family home
  • The use false representation, using your bank account, cards or documents
  • They exploit your money or assets, e.g., unauthorized use of a car
  • They misuse a power of attorney, deputy, appointeeship or other legal authority

Help is available if you or someone you know needs it. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 or visit the Abuse and Domestic Violence Resource Page. Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC is assisting clients through separation, divorce, and more. To schedule a consultation click here or call 210-368-9708.

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