Probate and Non-Probate: What’s the Difference?

probate vs non-probate

When preparing a plan for your estate, it is important to get a holistic understanding of both your assets and your debts. Assets come in many kinds, but, upon a person’s death, assets are classified legally as either probate or non-probate. The differences between these two kinds of assets are paramount when creating an estate […]

Top Ten Questions to Ask When Estate Planning

Estate Planning attorney

Now That You Have Decided to Create Your Estate Plan, You Want to Be Sure You Cover All Your Bases and Leave Nothing Out.  An experienced Estate Planning attorney will help you go over various scenarios and be certain you have everything covered in all the right documents. While not a comprehensive list, here are […]

Same-Sex Couples & Estate Planning

Your estate is everything you own – your car, home, bank accounts, life insurance, personal possessions, etc. Some estates are large, some are small, but just about everybody has one. What do all estates have in common? You can’t take it with you when you die. In honor of pride month, we are focusing on […]

Estate Planning: Living Trust Or Will?

‘Later’ is too late when it comes to preparing a will or living trust. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have the appropriate Estate Planning documents for your individual needs.

Estate Planning Before, During and After a “Gray” Divorce

Before your divorce, you may have insurance policies, a Will or Power of Attorney that benefit the other spouse, or that names the other spouse as an executor. Before filing for divorce, you may want to make changes. Sometimes changes are prohibited after a divorce is filed, so check with your attorney. You may not […]

Estate Planning: What is it?

Estate Planning in a nutshell: planning in advance and naming who will receive your things after you are gone.