Small Claims Court 101 - Part 4 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Where to file…..and what to do before going to Small Claims Court.

A small claims suit must be filed in the county where the defendant lives. The justice of the peace in each county is also the judge for Small Claims Court.  If a county has more than one justice of the peace, then the claim must be filed in the court whose precinct covers the area where the defendant resides.


If you have exhausted all reasonable steps to settle your dispute, you are within the statute of limitations and you have researched where to file, you are ready to bring your suit to the Small Claims Court. Contact the justice of the peace or county clerk’s office to confirm that you will be going to the right place, that you have all the documentation needed and to confirm the amount of fees to be paid to file your lawsuit.  Because procedures and fees vary from court to court, a simple telephone call can save you much time and effort.