What is Alimony and Factors Affecting It | Tessmer Law Firm
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What is alimony? In a high net worth situation, isn’t it a given?

In Texas, alimony is called spousal maintenance, and it is never guaranteed. The spouse who is seeking support must show that he or she lacks sufficient resources to provide for his or her minimal, reasonable needs. He or she must show that employment is difficult to maintain or is not possible due to a physical or mental disability. Spousal maintenance may be ordered if there is a disabled child in the home that prevents the spouse from being employed, or if the spouse clearly lacks ability to be in the workplace.  The factors that determine eligibility for spousal maintenance are many, but the main ones the courts look to are:


  • The financial resources of the spouse seeking support;
  • Education and employment skills, or the time necessary for training;
  • Duration of the marriage;
  • The age, employment history, earning potential, emotional and physical well-being of the spouse seeking support.