What Can Happen if a Frivolous Suit is Filed? | Tessmer Law Firm
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What can happen if a frivolous suit is filed?

In district court, anyone (be it the attorney or yourself) presenting the court with any paper, pleading, or motion must actually certify that it is justified by an existing law, has a reasonable argument for an existing law to be changed, or for a new law to be made.  This allows the court to fine up to $25,000 for a frivolous case.


There is even more at stake than a monetary fine.  It is an attorney’s sworn duty to honor the American judicial system by knowing and understanding not only American law and courts, but also the study of logic, or, the way sound and valid arguments are made.  A frivolous lawsuit expressly demonstrates an ignorance of logic, therefore severely damaging the reputation of an attorney and his or her firm.