Turning 18: Now You're an Adult part 2 - Tessmer Law Firm
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Turning 18: Now You’re an Adult part 2

Driving restrictions are lifted at age 18. You can now drive in the middle of the night and carry passengers. Be safe – Don’t text and drive!!

Under Federal HIPAA law, your parents can no longer discusses your health and medical care with your doctor or with campus health services, unless you give consent.

When you turn 18, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prevents your parents from discussing your grades with your school, even if they pay your tuition.

After your 18th birthday, privacy laws prevent your bank and credit card companies from discussing your accounts with your parents.

No discussion about the legalities of turning 18 can ignore sex laws. In Texas, the legal age of consent is 17. If you are in a relationship with someone younger than 17, you could face charges, depending on the circumstances.  And NO sexting! The law considers that a misdemeanor only if both parties are under18.  Besides, it is pretty gross.