Turning 18: Now You're an Adult part 1 - Tessmer Law Firm
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Turning 18: Now You’re an Adult part 1

Turning 18 is a major milestone and with it comes new rights and responsibilities. #1 is your right to vote. Register and vote!

As an 18-year old, you can now enter into binding contracts, buy and sell real estate, inherit property and buy a car. On the flip side, you can also be sued.

You can now buy lottery tickets and tobacco products.  Don’t buy tobacco – it’s bad for your health – and if you are buying a lottery ticket, make sure it’s a winner so you can pay for your college education!

What once was considered “kids being kids” can now get you arrested. Shoplifting or toilet papering your teacher’s house could also land you in jail.

As an 18-year old you are now eligible to serve on a jury and you are responsible for paying your taxes on time. If you are an 18-year old male, don’t forget to register for the Selective Service! Fail to register and you face a $250,000 fine and/or five years in jail, plus the loss of student loans and any federal or state employment.