Top Twenty Divorce Mistakes - Part 4 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Top Twenty Divorce Mistakes – Part 4

More valuable tips about mistakes made in divorce:


Divorce Mistake #10: Being a hindrance to your own case.  Your goal should be to do everything in your power to assist your case and support your attorney.  If you pester him, calling repeatedly with trivial questions, you are going to alienate the key person looking out for your interests.  Ask your attorney how to best assist with your case; be cooperative, not combative.


Divorce Mistake #11: Being laissez faire about your case.  While you don’t want to be that client who calls every day for a status, you also don’t want to be that client who lies too low.  The court system does sometimes move slowly, but you’ll do yourself a favor by staying on top of your case and holding your lawyer accountable to his billing and timeline for finishing your case.  Rather than lengthy phone calls or in-person visits, ask for a weekly update via email.


Divorce Mistake #12: Using your lawyer as a therapist.  Your attorney is not a trained mental health professional – neither is her staff.  Remember, all that time you spend complaining to them about how horrible your ex is – you’re on the clock and it is costing you, not to mention taking their time away from handling your legal matter!  Ask for a reference to a qualified, professional counselor.  Chances are they know one.


Divorce Mistake #13: Spending $10,000 to get $1,000.  Time and again, we see couples fight to the bitter end about who gets what.  By the time you pay us to duke it out for you – guess who wins?  That’s right…. The attorneys!  Don’t be short sighted; chances are, you’re not fighting about the “thing” anyway – whatever it is.  Ask yourself, “Will having this thing (television… car…. vacation home…) be worth the fight in 3 years?  5 years?”