Top Twenty Divorce Mistakes - Part 3 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Top Twenty Divorce Mistakes – Part 3

The top twenty divorce mistakes continue with:


Divorce Mistake #7: Allowing your emotions to rule legal decisions.  Divorce is a frazzling and distraught time; you may feel victimized, or that you are in the right 100% of the time.  Letting your emotions, rather than logic and reason, be in control, will undermine your case.  Be reflective – not reactive.  Anxious people don’t often correctly hear what they are being told.


Divorce Mistake #8: Not checking facts or figures given to you.  Don’t be intimidated by “legalese”; review ALL documents, motions and briefs to ensure their accuracy.  Attorneys are human; mistakes can be made.  Once something is entered in the court record, it may be too late to correct.


Divorce Mistake #9: Signing documents without asking questions.  Many people are intimidated by the legal system and, instead of asking questions, accept everything on blind faith.  Be thoughtful, skeptical and analytical; ask your attorney for an honest evaluation of your chances to obtain assets, your home and your finances.