Top Twenty Divorce Mistakes - Part 1 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Top Twenty Divorce Mistakes – Part 1

As a firm that practices Family Law, a large number of our cases involve divorce and it is no wonder – the common statistic is that 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  This week, Tessmer Law Firm brings you 20 Divorce Mistakes:


Divorce Mistake #1:  Believing your spouse will be fair and amicable.  Most people facing divorce are emotionally vulnerable and upset; some are in a state of denial.  You may think your spouse will treat you well throughout the process, but chances are things will become antagonistic.  Look out for yourself and expect him – or her – to do the same.


Divorce Mistake #2: Allowing your spouse to convince you to NOT hire a lawyer. If your spouse has retained an attorney, you need to find one quickly.  If you do not, consider yourself an amateur playing against a professional.  And no, an attorney cannot represent BOTH parties – it is unethical and creates a conflict of interest.  The divorce process is adversarial by design; if your spouse is encouraging you to forego an attorney, chances are she has something to hide or something she wants, and she knows if you hire a lawyer it will be more difficult to get it.


Divorce Mistake #3: Taking legal advice from family and/or friends. They can be your emotional rocks to lean on, but don’t even begin to think they are a substitute for an attorney.  The ONLY person who can – and should – tell you what is in your best interest during the dissolution of your marriage is your lawyer!