High Asset Divorce | Tessmer Law Firm
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This “high asset” divorce sounds expensive. I just want it to be over. Can’t I just agree to whatever she wants and be done?

Yes, you could, but any divorce lawyer worth his salt will advise you against it. If there is abuse happening, then of course immediate action is necessary. However, clients usually feel this way for other reasons. Sometimes they just cannot stand their spouse any longer and want out of the marriage. Sometimes they have fallen in love with someone else and want an immediate divorce so they can start their new life.  Agreeing to a division of marital assets and liabilities, spousal maintenance, child support, visitation, etc. just to “get it over with” can have devastating financial effects in a high asset divorce. It is imperative that a thorough analysis be done before the divorce is finalized. A divorce is like the dissolution of a business. Decisions should never be made based upon emotions or without the advice of legal counsel.