Small Claims Court 101 - Part 6 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Small Claims Court may be your remedy

If you win, the court will enter a judgment in your favor, but this does not mean you automatically get your money. In many cases, a defendant will simply pay you if you win; however if they do not, then you must take legal steps to try and enforce your judgment.  Texas is very favorable to debtors and it may be hard to collect.  You should consider discussing your post-judgment remedies with a qualified attorney.


Either party may appeal the decision of the Small Claims Court if the dispute exceeds $250.00, exclusive of court costs. A Notice of Appeal must be filed in the county court within 10 days after the case was decided in Small Claims Court.  An appeal involves a much more formal proceeding than one in Small Claims Court; you may want to have an attorney assist you in the case of an appeal.