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Recognizing and Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

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Recognizing and Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Recognizing and Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Tessmer Law Firm

The moment when you realize a marriage is over can hit you hard. During this stressful time, the least you want to happen is end up with a incompetent divorce lawyer. But how do you find the one that is suitable for your case? Understanding who you need and what traits to identify can help make the process easier. Here are several practices to help you with your search.

When you begin your search, know which divorce process you are planning to go through. This is the first order of business before any serious searching is initiated. Do you want to use mediation, litigation, collaborative, or cooperative divorce? Once you have finalized the process, you can start creating your list of candidates who specialize in your specific type of case.

What type of legal service do you need? Every divorce requires legal advice, but they come with different price tags and levels of experience. You may run a business or own a large number of assets. Depending on your financial situation, you want a lawyer whose expertise is suitable and most pertinent to you.

The following stage is about understanding what you can afford. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a divorce lawyer. You have to know the lawyer you want, but also the budget you have. Those with multiple assets and a hefty salary can afford to work with a divorce lawyer. If you live in more modest conditions, consult with friends and family to get re-assurance that you really need to have a divorce lawyer at your side.

Chances are high that you have friends, coworkers, or family members that have been in legal issues, whether they are divorce cases or not. Word-of-mouth can be your best option to find the perfect divorce lawyer for your case. Start thinking about someone who recently worked with a lawyer, you can then reach out to that person and try to obtain recommendations or information. Even non-divorce lawyers can provide a referral to fellow professionals who specialize in that field.

The internet can be a great source of information, but you must use it while being informed as well. Many businesses will have ads with text that may sound a bit too promising to be true. If you have a bad feeling about any statement or presentation you see, your instincts may be right. When you are searching for local lawyers, pay attention to who is listed organically versus those who paid to have their websites shown at the top of the search results page. You can easily see this when the word “Ad” appears next to a website’s name. Some lawyers do have the resources to manipulate search results so they are shown first. Just because you see them first does not mean they are the best lawyers for your case.

Many lawyer hunters tend to read reviews and look at ratings. However, like the internet – take the reviews you read with a grain of salt. There are review agencies whose job is keep lawyer’s reputations in tip-top shape. This includes manipulating reviews and ratings to create the most positive presentation. In addition, some states disallow lawyers from being rated or listed on review websites. If you need a recommendation, consult with people you trust such as friends and family members.

Experience makes your resume look good, the same applies to a lawyer when you are evaluating their credentials. You need someone who specializes in divorce and has a good handle on proceedings. This doesn’t mean you have to find someone who only does divorce, but who has at least handled a divorce case within recent years.

Don’t just stick to one lawyer, interview 2 or 3 before you make your decision. Evaluating multiple lawyers gives you a sense of who is compatible with your case and has your interests aligned with theirs. Sometimes, the best candidate may not be the first one on your mind.

If your list is narrowing down, then you are ready to schedule an interview. Take the time to research some informative questions that will provide you with rich information. You want to obtain the details most relevant to your case, so design your questions while thinking about this.

You may have previously taken a multiple-choice test and when you hit a wall, you used your gut instincts to find the right answer. Sometimes, your gut may be the best source when there are no other options. If a certain lawyer sticks out in your mind and you have a good feeling about them, then finalize your decision. Remember that the lawyer that is most suitable for you will be the most understanding, can communicate to you clearly, and has earned enough of your trust to take on your case.