Outrageous Settlement Demands - Part 1 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Outrageous settlement demands…..

There are usually underlying motivations for frivolous lawsuits. Ever heard of the “pants lawsuit” (Pearson v. Chung)? In 2007, a D.C. judge, Roy L. Pearson, sued a dry cleaning business for over $67 million dollars for the loss of his pants because they refused to give him a refund of over one thousand dollars while having a “satisfaction guaranteed” sign in their window.  Why $67 million?   Among his requests, $500,000 for attorney’s fees (he represented himself), $2 million for “discomfort, inconvenience, and mental distress”, a whopping $15,000 to cover the cost of a rental car so he could drive to another dry cleaning business and $51.5 million to help others sue D.C. businesses.  It was later revealed that Pearson had only $1,000 in his bank account due to a recent divorce and was collecting unemployment. The case was ruled frivolous and Pearson lost his pants, his job, and gained a $12,000 fine.