What Does Community Property Encompass? | Tessmer Law Firm
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Other Types of Community Property

Community property does not just include things like real estate, household belongings, and vehicles.  It also includes intangible property such as income, dividends, benefits and debts.  All community property must be divided when the marriage ends, and all of the debts as well.


In some cases, when a court awards a portion of one spouse’s retirement benefits to the other spouse, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) must be prepared to be sent to the employer, who will be ordered to distribute benefits to each spouse in accordance with the court’s order.  A QDRO is not a “google and do-it-yourself” document.  It is a legal document that must be drafted with specific language to comply with Federal and State law.  If a QDRO will be needed in your divorce, consulting with a qualified attorney is a must.