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New Year Legal Tips to Start 2017

8 Tips to Start 2017 With the Right Foot

1.     Don’t drink and drive.

The new year arrives with celebrations and fun. Be safe! Designate a driver, call a taxi or get an Uber. 2017 dawns with bright promise – don’t start off with a DWI.


2.     Review your Will and Estate Plan.


Did 2016 come with any life changes? Did you get married or remarried? Have a baby or adopt a child? Did you divorce? These are just some of the major events that make updating a Will necessary. Check your Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives, too. If you don’t have a Will or Estate Plan in place, make 2017 the year you create one. Start now.


3.     Review your custody/visitation arrangements.


The holidays are over. Now you know how cooperative your ex is likely to be with your current custody and visitation orders. Do you need to make some changes? This is the time to do it. Are you planning a move in the new year? Will your kids go to a new school? Take steps to make legal changes now. If there is going to be a battle, the sooner it is over, the better.


4.     Start getting ready for the business structure


Tax time is coming. Gather your documents early so you won’t have to scramble at the last minute. If you itemize expenses, gather and organize your receipts now. Your CPA will appreciate you!


5.     Review your business structure.


Has your small business outgrown its sole proprietorship or partnership? Are you protecting your assets and saving the most you can in taxes? The new year is a great time to consult with your CPA and Attorney about your business. Submitting paperwork to change your business structure is best done before the end of January.


6.     Protect your identity.


Unfortunately, identity theft is pretty common these days. There are a number of legitimate services that you can use to safeguard your information. Check your credit report. If you see anything that should not be there, notify the credit bureaus. If you have been a victim of identity theft, report the crime to your local law enforcement.


7.     Resolve to take care of unfinished business.


Car accidents, injuries, malpractice and other damages have statutes of limitations (deadlines to file a lawsuit). Consult with an attorney and make your claims before too much time goes by and it’s too late to recover what you are owed.


8.     Resolve to be happy in the new year.


Have you stayed in an unhappy marriage for way too long? Divorce is a tough decision to make. We understand. Before you take that step, learn your rights under the law. Consult an attorney about the different divorce processes what options you have.




Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC wishes you a very Happy New Year! If you need legal assistance, call us at 210-368-9708 to schedule a consultation. Let us help you make 2017 your best year yet!