Custody & Visitation For Special Needs Children | Tessmer Law Firm
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Kids with Special Needs Require Special Custody & Visitation Agreements.

Divorcing parents of special needs children require customized visitation agreements that address transitions between homes.


If you do not know, for example, that transitions can be very difficult for persons with autism, you would not understand why a visitation schedule in which the child sleeps in one parent’s house for a couple days and then the other parent’s house for a couple days would be a nightmare for this child. If the lawyers and judge do not realize that a 200 pound teenager with cerebral palsy requires special lifting and transfer equipment which is only located at one parent’s house, a parenting plan or visitation schedule which provides for extended visitation at the other parent’s house could result in the child having to spend days on end in bed because of the physical logistics.


Tessmer Tip: With your attorney, take a copy of the standard visitation schedules and parenting plans typically used by your local court. Go through the schedule and plan, and write on a separate page the ways in which they need to be modified for your child’s special needs. For each modification, state the reason the modification is necessary, and the possible harm to or problems for your child if the modification is not made.