Frivolous Lawsuits 101 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Frivolous Lawsuits 101

This week, Tessmer Law Firm will discuss frivolous lawsuits.  We’ll call it Frivolous Lawsuits 101.  What exactly is a frivolous suit?  It does not just mean any lawsuit you subjectively find unfair.  A frivolous lawsuit refers to any defense or claim that has little to no hope of success.  Filing many suits for the same claim, claiming extreme remedies, or filing a claim when an existing law prohibits the claim are all considered frivolous.


Much like using the word frivolous in any other context, a frivolous lawsuit wastes. Time of the court, time of both parties, money with legal and court fees, and resources are all wasted on frivolous claims.  Frivolous litigation can result in the client, attorney, or even an entire law firm being fined or held in contempt by the court.