Ending 2015 with the Tessmer Mail Bag - Tessmer Law Firm
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Ending 2015 with the Tessmer Mail Bag

As we draw near the end of 2015, let’s reprise some of our more “fun” Tessmer Tips.  Here are some random questions and answers from the Tessmer mail bag!


Q #1: Every weekend, I see bicyclists riding along the highway near my country home.  Can they do that?

A:    Under state law, bicycles are considered vehicles and generally can operate on a roadway with the same rights and responsibilities as any other vehicle.  However, Section 551.103 of the Texas Transportation Code describes the proper method for cyclists to ride on the road, which is with traffic and as far to the right as safely possible (or left on a one-way, multi-lane road).  Cyclists may ride two abreast in the same lane, but they may not impede the normal and reasonable flow of traffic.