Domestic Violence Warning Signs: Warning #6 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Domestic Violence Warning Signs



At first, it might appear that he really enjoys spending time alone with you, or that he is just uncomfortable around others.  Or maybe it is just that he loves being one with nature; but eventually you will want to get out and do something. The abuser’s insistence to hang out alone only serves one purpose, he wants to isolate you from the outside world because he is vested in keeping you all for himself. This individual will either outright refuse or offer excuses as to why he cannot meet your family or friends.  Similarly, he has not introduced you to his friends either. He might question why you want to hang out with your family or friends, or claim that the people closest to you don’t like him and are toxic to your relationship.  He will insist that you go everywhere together — after all, that’s what you would do if you were truly committed to him – but resists all efforts to engage in social activities. When you talk of the future, he shares his vision, which looks like this: he would work, you will stay at home; own a small home out in the country, the closet neighbor being miles away; possess only the basic necessities, i.e. no phone, cable, internet, and survive with only one car. RED FLAG: His fantasy life would completely isolate you from the outside world, strip you of any resources, and place you squarely under his control.