Domestic Violence Warning Signs: Warning #2 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Domestic Violence Warning Signs



Many of us tell a “white lie” in the beginning stages of a relationship. Even in healthy relationships, it is common for one to emphasize their positive qualities and minimize any shortcomings to appear more likable. However, the abuser is blatantly deceptive about himself.  Because it bears such little resemblance to reality, great conscious effort is required to maintain his lies. The abuser is often superficial. He will be preoccupied with acquiring status symbols (car, boat, clothing, etc.) and spend excessive time “perfecting” his image.  He craves attention, praise and reassurance; appears be overly-confident and gloats about his ambitious goals. The superficial abuser lacks empathy for others and experiences limited emotional responses. If you question his apathy, he will either blame his lack of expression on machismo, avoid expressing emotion by giving lavishly, expensive gifts in their place, or he may even demonstrate his talent for faking the desired response.