Divorcing Mom Tip #9 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Divorcing Mom Tip #9

Divorcing Mom Tip #9: Pit-Bull or Softie? You have hired an attorney because you need someone experienced in wading through the legal system and all of its lingo and paperwork. It is so important to hire someone you feel comfortable with and whose desire is for you to have a favorable outcome. You may believe you need a very aggressive lawyer, but that could mean you have someone who unnecessarily ups your costs and your anger by fanning the flames in a case that is already emotional and contentious. In contrast, if you hire a lawyer too soft-hearted, you may feel as if you are having to lead the battle yourself. Both scenarios can have drawbacks. It is best to find someone who has a balanced view, who wants to work amicably with the opposing counsel, but who also will step up and fight for you if and when it is needed.