Divorcing Mom Tip #8 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Divorcing Mom Tip #8

Divorcing Mom Tip #8: Do not engage. Now, let’s tie together tips #7 and #4. You are documenting, documenting, documenting. Guess what? He very well may be doing the same thing. You already have stopped participating in “text wars” (you did stop that… right?) Let’s go a bit further and say this: Communicate with your soon to be ex only when it is necessary. Of course you have to talk, text or email with him about the kids, or perhaps about a bill payment or something that has to do with the house. But keep it short and to the point. This creates less of a chance you will say something in the heat of the moment that will come back to bite you later (remember, he is documenting!). You may not love him anymore, you may even hate him, but remember to be polite and civil. If you find yourself getting sucked into a conversation and losing your temper – DISENGAGE.