Divorcing Mom Tip #3 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Divorcing Mom Tip #3

Divorcing Mom Tip #3: Once the divorce process has begun, make every effort you can to reach an agreement on every issue you can. Learn to compromise on the little things. Decide what issues are absolute deal breakers. What issues are weighing on your heart and are most important to you? It’s vital that you choose these and realize getting worked up and fighting about every little thing is going to cost you not just financially, but emotionally. Remember that as the divorce process drags on and on, you will become wearier. The more you can agree on, the better. Then the issues left that you want to present to the court will be fewer. You can show that you have been very reasonable throughout the process and the Judge will look favorably upon you, seeing that you are not trying to create drama and chaos. This will help your case.