Divorcing Mom Tip #1 | Tessmer Law Firm
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Divorcing Mom Tip #1

Back in June, we posted Tessmer Tips for Divorcing Dads. In the interest of fair play, we now bring you Tessmer Tips for Divorcing Moms. If you missed Divorcing Dads, don’t worry! We will run them again soon.

Divorcing Mom Tip #1: Think about your finances early in the process. If you see your marriage heading for an eventual divorce, start planning EARLY so that you have the means to support yourself and your children once he leaves. We see it over and over again; you simply cannot rely on his promise of continued support during the divorce process. Even the most amicably begun divorces can become contentious, drawn out battles. Plan for it in advance. If things turn out agreeable – then you still come out ahead. If they do not, then you aren’t completely unprepared.