The 4 Most Common Injuries from a Car Crash

injuries from car crash

While motor vehicle accidents are a common scene during your daily commute, being involved in an accident yourself can have life-altering consequences. From the very minor to the exceptionally serious, these accidents can cause physical injuries to yourself and any passengers that require varying levels of medical intervention and treatment. Some injuries are more common than others.

Bumps, Bruises, Scrapes, And Neck Injuries

Minor scratches, bruises, and bumps can occur in many motor vehicle crashes. While these tend to not be severe, they may require medical attention and scar in the healing process. While neck injuries can occur in many types of accidents, neck injuries such as whiplash, neck strain, and strain or damage to the bones in the neck, are frequently the result of a rear-ending. In both low- and high-speed motor vehicle accidents, jerking the head back and forth can cause terrible pain. 

Broken Bones

 Multiple motor vehicle and roll-over accidents common causes of more severe injuries, such as broken bones. Broken bones are particularly dangerous because they may create additional, more serious internal problems. In these types of accidents, exterior extremities frequently suffer fractures or breaks, such as lower and upper leg fractures, wrists, and arms. However, ribs, pelvis, spinal, and skull fractures all can occur. Broken and fractured bones require usually require emergency medical and sometimes require correction through surgery for placement of metal plates and screws. Recovery from these types of injuries and their subsequent treatments can take extended periods to heal and may require long-term rehabilitation. 

Amputation and Lost Limbs

Amputations following a vehicular accident are colloquially called “traumatic amputations,” as they are the results of traumatic amputations. While amputations are not as common as other injuries, medical professionals may have to remove parts of the body that are too damaged to be healed. The most common traumatic amputations resulting from motor vehicle accidents are the arms. While prosthetic limbs may be fitted to support a person following an amputation, the party has suffered an irreversible injury that will alter their everyday life. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Paralysis

Traumatic brain injuries may occur in instances where a driver and their passengers hit their heads on various parts of the vehicle, such as the windows, airbags, or steering wheel. Further, if an object enters the vehicle as a result of the accident or parts of the car become loose, increasingly serious head trauma may occur. Traumatic brain injuries host a wide range of complications and require medical attention. 

As a result of a motor vehicle accident, medical bills can pile up and cause significant financial strain. Additionally, the insurance process can be a tremendous source of anxiety. If you have been in a car accident, consulting with an experienced attorney to discuss your options is an important step towards a potential resolution. Here at Tessmer Law Firm P.L.L.C., we do just that. Call 210-368-9708 today and let us help you with all your legal needs. 

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