Naming an Executor: What You Should Know

naming an executor

When having a will drafted, one of the important things to consider is naming an executor. This is the person designated to bear the task of carrying out the terms of the will. The executor of an estate is a fiduciary. They owe fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries when performing their responsibilities during the probate […]

Probate and Non-Probate: What’s the Difference?

probate vs non-probate

When preparing a plan for your estate, it is important to get a holistic understanding of both your assets and your debts. Assets come in many kinds, but, upon a person’s death, assets are classified legally as either probate or non-probate. The differences between these two kinds of assets are paramount when creating an estate […]

Why You Should Never DIY Estate Planning

DIY Estate Planning

Please, we beg of you:  Don’t go the do-it-yourself route. There are many internet sites, television and radio ads telling us how easy it is to write your own Will.  You may have even heard a family member talk about a hand-written Will, but they don’t tell you about the dangers. There are several things […]

Account for Disability in Your Estate Planning

Account for disability in estate planning

Please, plan for disability. No one wants to think about dying—not when there is so much life left to live. However, planning for the inevitable is a smart and pragmatic move that could save your loved ones a lot of heartache, and possibly money, when the day comes that they must learn to live without […]

Top Ten Questions to Ask When Estate Planning

Estate Planning attorney

Now That You Have Decided to Create Your Estate Plan, You Want to Be Sure You Cover All Your Bases and Leave Nothing Out.  An experienced Estate Planning attorney will help you go over various scenarios and be certain you have everything covered in all the right documents. While not a comprehensive list, here are […]

Estate Planning Before, During and After a “Gray” Divorce

Before your divorce, you may have insurance policies, a Will or Power of Attorney that benefit the other spouse, or that names the other spouse as an executor. Before filing for divorce, you may want to make changes. Sometimes changes are prohibited after a divorce is filed, so check with your attorney. You may not […]