Collaborative Divorce – An Option To Agree

What is a collaborative divorce?   In a regular divorce case, the couple is on opposite sides. There may be a lot of fighting, disagreement and unwillingness to settle things. This type of divorce case often ends up in court.   Some divorcing couples may be able to settle things easily. These couples can agree […]

New Year Legal Tips to Start 2017

8 Tips to Start 2017 With the Right Foot 1.     Don’t drink and drive. The new year arrives with celebrations and fun. Be safe! Designate a driver, call a taxi or get an Uber. 2017 dawns with bright promise – don’t start off with a DWI.   2.     Review your Will and Estate Plan.   […]

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself During Estate Planning

Now that you have decided to create your Estate Plan, you want to be sure you cover all your bases and leave nothing out.   What questions should you ask yourself and what things should you be thinking about?   An experienced Estate Planning attorney will help you go over various scenarios and be certain […]

Tessmer Named Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation

  Heather Tessmer has been elected to membership in the Fellows of the Texas Bar Foundation.   Fellows of the Foundation are selected for their outstanding professional achievements and their demonstrated commitment to the improvement of the justice system throughout the state of Texas. Election is a mark of distinction and recognition of Heather’s contributions […]

Probate and Living Trusts

In our last article, we gave you an overview of a basic Estate Plan, the different documents that can be included and what they do.   Today, we are discussing probate, what happens when someone dies with a will and when it might be better to have a living trust.   What is probate?   […]

Estate Planning – What is it?

Nearly everyone has an estate. Your estate is simply everything you own – your car, home, bank accounts, life insurance, personal possessions, etc. Some estates are large, some are small, but just about everybody has one. What do they all have in common? You can’t take it with you when you die.   Only two […]

Tessmer Named Best Boss

      Heather Tessmer, Owner/Attorney at Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC, was named “Best Boss in Town” by Burnett Specialists of San Antonio. You have probably seen those billboards with the slogan “Ever Argue with a Woman?” around San Antonio. It was Heather’s decision to start this billboard campaign and it continues to be hugely […]

A Father’s Rights During Adoption

The mother of a baby may consent to adoption no sooner than 48 hours after the child’s birth.  What about the father’s rights?   A father can sign an affidavit giving up all rights to his child any time after the first trimester.  But, if a man is the biological father, married to the mother, he […]

Legal Guardianship v. Adoption

Adoption and legal guardianship are not the same.   There is a big difference between the two. Legal guardianship gives one the duty to act as a temporary parent to a child. Adoption permanently terminates the rights of a child’s biological parent. It is important to understand the differences if you are considering guardianship or […]

Open v. Closed Adoption – Which is Right for You?

Years ago, nearly all adoptions were closed.   A closed adoption means there is no contact between the birth parents, the adoptive parents and the child after the adoption has taken place.   Today, adoptions are open in a variety of ways. You may think that an open adoption means the birth parents keep visitation […]