Tessmer Tips – Landlord/Tenant 101

As a tenant in Texas, you have the right to demand repair of any condition that affects your health and safety.  Under Texas law, your landlord guarantees that the unit he rents to you will be a fit place to live.  In certain conditions, you and your landlord may have a written agreement that you […]

Tessmer Tips – Landlord/Tenant 101

This week, Tessmer Tips will address laws and regulations affecting the landlord/tenant relationship. The relationship between Texas landlords and their tenants is governed by several statutes and court rulings, and most particularly by Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code.  But the most important source of information is your rental agreement, whether it is written […]

Heather Tessmer Introduced as New Rotary San Antonio Member

Heather Tessmer was presented today as a new member of the Rotary International Club of San Antonio. The Rotary Club of San Antonio is an organization of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help promote goodwill and fellowship. The Club meets each Wednesday at noon […]

Common Law Marriage FAQ

Remember, in order to have a common law marriage a couple must:   live together as man and wife in Texas; agree to be married; represent themselves as married in Texas. i.e., tell others they are married.   I’ve been living with my partner for over seven years. Are we in a common law marriage? […]

Dissolving a Common Law Marriage – Divorce

Dissolving a Common Law Marriage – Divorce   In order to end a common law marriage you must file for divorce. The first step, however, is proving the marriage existed.   Proving a Common Law Marriage   Texas courts generally give two years from the end of the relationship for a person to prove a […]

Entering into a Common Law Marriage

Entering into a Common Law Marriage   If you would like to enter a common law marriage you must be:   over 18; marrying someone of the opposite sex; not related to your future spouse; not currently married.   Nobody under the age of 18 may enter into a common law marriage, even with parental […]

What is Common Law Marriage?

What is Common Law Marriage? In Texas, common law marriage, or informal marriage, is where a man and woman become husband and wife without getting a marriage license or  having a religious ceremony.  This form of marriage confers all the same rights we recognize in a formal or traditional marriage. Prior to its independence, Texas laws were based on […]

Tessmer Law Firm Sponsors Wild Woman Weekend

Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC was proud to sponsor and participate in the 2015 Wild Woman Weekend in Blanco, Texas! During Wild Woman Weekend, women from all across Central Texas converge on Blanco for a weekend of FUN.  The “wild” activities of the weekend included a “chick market” on the square of the historic Blanco County Courthouse , “chick flick” under […]

Heather Tessmer Wins 2015 Most Improved Company at TAB Awards

CONGRATULATIONS to Heather Tessmer for winning “Most Improved Company” at the 2015 TAB San Antonio Awards! The Alternative Board (TAB) is is a membership organization of business owners and CEOs who assist each other in transforming their businesses. TAB offers board meetings, coaching sessions, strategic planning assistance, seminars, etc. to help businesses grow and improve […]