Don’t all attorneys handle divorce? Can I just pick one?

Just like physicians, attorneys specialize in different areas of practice where it pertains to the law. An attorney who specializes in criminal matters may not be the best choice for a family law matter, and vice versa. An experienced divorce attorney will have knowledge about asset protection and the issues that are likely to be […]

What makes a high asset divorce so unique?

Certain issues are more likely to present themselves in a divorce that is dealing with a large marital estate, such as: Business valuations; Determining the worth of assets such as stock options, art or antiques; Division of a business or professional practice; Division of investments and retirement plans; Tax implications and property settlements; Accurately accounting […]

What Makes a Divorce “High Asset”?

Generally, a high asset or high net worth divorce means exactly that: one or both parties have a net worth over a certain threshold. The exact figure varies with opinion, but for us it is one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). This figure can consist of the total worth of several different things: cash, investments, property, businesses, […]

High Asset Divorce – An FAQ

What is a high asset divorce? Isn’t it the same as a regular divorce?   A high asset divorce is just like any divorce in many ways. No divorce is pleasant, regardless of the terms or circumstances. No matter the amount of assets, in a divorce they still must be equitably split. If there are […]

Divorcing parents of special needs children must address their child’s health and medical concerns.

Medical treatments and therapies are often part of the daily routine for parents who have a child with a disability. For children with medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, orthopedic impairments, or serious health conditions, critical decisions include obtaining ongoing medical care, administering medication, making periodic appointments with health care professionals to monitor physical conditions, […]

Educational decisions are extremely important for a special needs child.

Divorcing parents of special needs children should determine which parent will make educational decisions, or how disagreements between the parents will be resolved.   Children with disabilities should be afforded the same opportunities as children without disabilities when it involves educational programming and the ability to be as independent as possible. Families often struggle to […]

Kids with Special Needs Require Special Custody & Visitation Agreements.

Divorcing parents of special needs children require customized visitation agreements that address transitions between homes.   If you do not know, for example, that transitions can be very difficult for persons with autism, you would not understand why a visitation schedule in which the child sleeps in one parent’s house for a couple days and […]

Divorce & Special Needs Children

Every year, parents of a million American children get divorced. This is most difficult for children with special needs. When custody and support orders involve children with special needs, decisions regarding “the best interests of the child” become even more complex.   Clients who have children with special needs should focus on resolving certain critical […]

Top 10 Things to Do Once your Divorce is Final.

#1 – Secure several Certified Copies of your Final Decree.  Review all paperwork carefully with your attorney and be sure you understand all that is required of you in the final agreement.   #2 – Take care to change any personal and/or financial information needed.  For example: open new checking and savings accounts, update any […]