Tessmer Tips – How to Be a GREAT Client

Tip #6 on being a great client: Follow the plan you and your attorney have agreed on for a course of action. Do not change direction, take unilateral action or fail to follow through without first discussing it with your counsel. Be a team player. Tip #7 on being a great client: Review your bill […]

Tessmer Tips – How to Be a GREAT Client

Tip #4 on being a great client: Deal with your attorney’s staff whenever possible. While you may be billed for a paralegal or legal assistant’s time, it will be at a lower rate than that of your lawyer. Paralegals have specialized training and, in many cases, a great deal of experience. They can often help […]

Tessmer Tips – How to Be a GREAT Client

Tip #2 on being a great client: Be organized. Do you really want to pay the hourly rate to have your attorney or his staff sort through all your papers, emails, text messages, etc.? The better organized you are, the sooner we can get busy doing the legal work we are hired to do. Tip […]

Tessmer Tips – How to Be a GREAT Client

At Tessmer Law Firm, we have some of the BEST clients an attorney could ever hope to have.   The attorney/client relationship is so important.  It involves open communication, honesty and a great deal of trust.   But what exactly makes a great client?  This week, we will give you ten tips on how to be a […]

How do I find the right attorney and plan for a high asset divorce?

For most individuals, the first step is to ask a trusted friend or colleague for the name of an attorney they may know or have done business with in the past. Call to schedule a consultation with that attorney. If he or she is not a Family Law attorney, chances are they know several really […]

What is a business valuation?

Simply put, a business valuation is the process of determining how much a business is worth. This is necessary in the event of a divorce – high net worth or otherwise – because if the business is community property, it must be sold and divided equitably or one spouse must buy out the other’s share. […]

What types of experts could be called in to help with a high asset divorce?

A high asset divorce can be among the most complex family law matters, so it is important that knowledgeable and qualified experts are consulted to protect your assets, interests and rights. Forensic accountants, professional appraisers, financial and wealth managers, tax consultants, pension valuation experts and business evaluators are just some of the qualified professionals that […]

What is alimony? In a high net worth situation, isn’t it a given?

In Texas, alimony is called spousal maintenance, and it is never guaranteed. The spouse who is seeking support must show that he or she lacks sufficient resources to provide for his or her minimal, reasonable needs. He or she must show that employment is difficult to maintain or is not possible due to a physical […]

What is “discovery” and why is it necessary in a high asset divorce?

“Discovery” is the term for the exchange of information between parties involved in a legal matter. Even though completing discovery adds to the expense of a case, it is important because it often turns up facts that were previously unknown to at least one party. In a high asset divorce, a proper reporting of all […]