Adoption Guardianship

How does adoption work in Texas? 

Adoption in Texas involves a number of detailed steps and requires extensive documentation.  Criminal background checks, social studies, termination of rights, name changes, and issuance of new birth certificates – that is a short list example of some of the paperwork necessary for an adoption to be finalized. Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC can help navigate and expedite the adoption process.

There are different types of adoption: step-parent, grandparent, surrogate adoption, single or unmarried persons, private, open, or closed.  Regardless of which is your case, our attorneys and staff can provide you with skilled, experienced assistance, protecting your rights as a future parent as you welcome a new child into your family.


What Does Legal Guardianship Mean In Texas?

Guardianship is a legal process that protects incapacitated persons from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. An incapacitated person could be an elderly adult, a minor child who has lost both parents, or a person with mental deficiencies who is unable to care for himself.

Texas law establishes rules for whom may serve as a guardian; additionally, the court will require clear and convincing evidence that the appointment of a guardian is necessary.  Periodic accountings and reports to the Court are required.

The Attorneys and staff at Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC can provide you with compassionate and professional guidance throughout the guardianship process and help you protect your loved one.